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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 15:43

About us

Saigon Luggage is an enterprise specializing in processing, manufacturing and exporting exclusive

luggage, handbags, briefcase named Black Paw (New York), Elite (Paris) in Vietnam. With 17 years of

experience in direct production orders for domestic market as well as exporting to many countries around

the world such as USA, France, Japan... Saigon Luggage has gradually asserted themselves on the path of

integration and development.

Product quality is always the top priority for Saigon Luggage. In addition, we also focus on product's price

and on time delivery. We understand that each product is the result of hard labor of hundreds of workers, so

the company's products always made skillfully by hand, durability and materials chosen from billion detail

such as canvas, leather, polyester, nylon...etc. In particular, Saigon Luggage products always meet the high

aesthetic value of fashion and suitable for all ages.

Saigon Luggage now has an exclusive showroom line named "Around The World" display products at many

shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The company always tries to offer our customers the

products not only guarantee the best quality but also the unique and new in every detail. Along with the

promotion of the brand, to create beautiful images in the hearts of all, customer satisfaction in the process of

working with the company is the ultimate goal for Saigon Luggage .

Work directly, flexibility, various designs, advanced technology and perfect service are factors that Saigon

Luggage has been built, contribute in order to make a good impression with domestic and foreign partners

like L'oreal, Nike, Adidas, Yapak, JanSport, Ohui, Petronas ...

Our designers team are enthusiastic, dynamic and Saigon Luggage always willing to offer advices, product

designs, logo images at the request of the customer with reasonable prices, as well as providing our

customers with products related to the field of advertising and promotion in today's business environment.